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September 11,2006

  • Put up a Picture from Broadway on Broadway 2006 can be found on the "My Wicked Expierence" Section

June 22,2006

  • Pictures of Musical curtousy of  

May 28,2006

  • Farewell to Megan Hilty and welcome to Kate Reinders can be found on the Homepage

May 5, 2006

  • announced a new glinda check homepage

March 23,2006

  • Wicked Celebrates 1,000 performace!

March 17,2006

  • Put a welcome to a new cast member

March 9,2006

  • Added a playbill article on 2 tour cast members comming to broadway.


  • Defy Gravity was born on web 1 year ago. special something homepage, also playbill's article on 4 new cast member debut.


January 8,2005

  • Put a farewell up for old friends and also a welcome for new friends

December 18, 2005

  • Put a review up can be found on the homepage

December 4,2005

  • Put up a new wicked fan site link can be found on the Links page

November 28,2005

  • News: on the homepage with new cast members

November 2,2005

  • Put pictures up from Wicked Day 2005 Check them out they can be found on the homepage


February 24,2005

  • Added new part called My Wicked Expierence Check it out

Friday January 21, 2005
  • Good news: Idina Menzel is recovering well; see article on Homepage.
Sunday January 16, 2005
  • A article on Kristin Chenoweth's new solo's album on the front page check it out thanks

Tuesday January 11th,2005
  • Added article about Shoshana's debut from  See it on the Home page
Monday, January 10th, 2005
  • Defy Gravity! is born on the web!

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