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My Wicked Experience
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MY Wicked Experience!

Me at Shubert Alley

My First trip to Wicked was On November 2,2004 I heard that Idina Menzel was leaving on January 9,2005 so i talked to my mom and she said we will get tickets and we did. the day came i was so excited, we got to the city pick up the tickets and i was really happy because i was going to meet and see my favorite actress, we got partially view seats for that day. (Orchestra Row CC Left side) it came time to go to the theatre and got to our seats and i said to my parents what time is it they said it is almost time. The lights went out i was happy.  The whole first scene was excellent and then It came time for Idina Menzel for her entrance i was so happy the whole theatre clapped and the show was excellent. At the end of the show i went to the stage door where the actors and actresses come out Meanwile my sister was at another show "Beauty & the Beast" well i met Jennifer Laura Thompson, Joey McIntyre and i saw Michelle Federer. My sister ran to see me meet Idina Menzel. she asked me if Idina came out i said no well a couple minutes later the door opened and it My favorite Actress Idina Menzel, i was so happy i got to say hi and got her autograph. and that was my first trip to Wicked.

On Feburary 27, 2005 was my second time at wicked. my dad drove me into the city and dropped me off by the Gerswin Theather, when i first got there it was not time to go in yet so i stood out took pictures of the Boards.  when i was done with that i went into the main lobby and waited for them to scan the tickets. when it came time to go to my seat they lined us up and scanned our tickets(my ticket was Mid Mezz Row G) i got to my seat and i still excited to see one of my favorite broadway shows. i saw show it was still amazing i got out of the theatre and went to stage door I met David Ayers(Fiyero) Jennifer Laura Thompson(Glinda)and Shoshana Bean(Elphaba) and that second trip to wicked


My 3rd trip to Wicked was amazing. I got to the city and my sister & I walked around the theatre and took pictures of the new boards for my site before i went to go see the show.  she got tickets to go see a show so my sister and i walked around the city for a while to waste time before i had to go and get to my show once it was 6 i went to the theatre and waited to be seated my ticket was Mid Mezz Row F (right side) here's my review:

Shoshana Bean i saw her twice she was great. Her "No good deed" she really put feeling into her singing  and the whole flying seqence during "defying gravity" was great.

Megan Hilty this was my first time seeing her. Her popular was funny i was really happy for what she did with the role for the first time i saw her.

Ben Vereen i was so happy to see him in the role and meet him. He is a great singer and dancer i think he is my favorite wizard i saw.

Rue McClanahan she is a good Mme Morrible she is a very good actress and sings really good.

Jerad Bortz went on for David Ayers that night as Fiyero. He was great. His singing and dancing were excellent.

At the stage door I met Shoshana Bean, Megan Hilty, Ben Vereen, & Jerad Bortz 


Wicked at Broadway on Broadway 2006
Eden Espinosa and Kate Reinders

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